• HANASHINJU(South sea black pearl). The cutting <Double refraction cutting> won the first place of the gem stone cutting contest in USA 2009 'Gemmy's' .
  • HANASHINJU(South sea black pearl) and K18WG Necklace.
  • HANASHINJU(South sea white pearl) and diamonds, Ring by platinum 900.

Information and company detail

Pearls had an unknown beauty. <HANASHINJU>
By cutting the pearl like a diamond,
A beautiful layer appeared transparently in the face.
That mysterious shine is the only one in the world.
Something that shimmers life at its highest.
Something I want to get someday.
<HANASHINJU> has been waiting to see you forever.

The story of HANASHINJU



2009 Gemmys Faceted Gems, 2009 Gemmy Winner,

2009 Gemmys Second Place, Artists on the Horizon

2009 Good design award in JAPAN

2009 Monozukuri nippon award The first place of Prime minister award