"HANASHINJU". A story of unknown glow

It begins with Kazuo Komatsu, a master of diamond cutting.

In 1967, our company was founded by Kazuo Komatsu.
Kazuo Komatsu acquired a diamond cut at "Nippon Diamond company" that was in Nirasaki city next to Kofu City. The cutting of diamonds was usually complete division of labor, but the only employee who had 200 people Kazuo Komatsu was learned the whole process of diamond cutting to German Emile Gerber. With the company closed down, He took a moment and decided on independence and opened it. That is the beginning of Komatsu cutting factory Co., Ltd.
 Initially there were no order and hard days continued. One day, He know that the government auctioned diamonds collected during the war. And when His wife called a certain diamond company, it was "we are looking forward to a diamond cutting company today." Since the diamond released by the government was an antique cut called "old cut", in order to sell after a successful bid, we had to recutting to the general "brilliant cut". Opportunity came. The height of Recutting technology of Kazuo Komatsu spread in the word of mouth, He got orders from many companies that bidding for diamonds and built the cornerstone of the present company.
 "Diamond cutting" has a very sharp cut surface. At that time it was a sophisticated one that gave a clear line with quartz faceting which facets with a stone in hand. Kazuo Komatsu devised diamond cutting technology for another gem stones and polished the yellow quartz, "In the age when it is selling such a good cut is unnecessary," people in Kofu did not accept. Even more, the technology of "stream cut" (patented, the original cutting of concave cutting) currently used all over the world was also developed at this time, but it was also looked after. However, by continuing many challenges, that high technology was being forged. In addition to the sharp cut surface, the excellence of the finished product began to call reputation, the technology leading to the birth of HANASHINJU was steadily accumulated.

Scenery of the factory. The tools used for diamond cutting have been working together for 50 years.

Make the world first! Over 10 years, HANASHINJU were born

 We can not be satisfied with subcontractors, let's have a bigger dream. Kazuo starts to develop original products. One of them is the development of "the world's first pearl with faceted on the pearl of the world". He focused to the pearl which is "the only gems produced in Japan".
 Most Japanese women have pearls, but they can not wear much other than ceremonial occasions. There was also an idea that "I want to make it more casual to women".
 However, even with advanced technology of diamond grinding, cutting of this pearl was a series of setbacks. It will not work well if we devise ideas and ideas. Moreover, it was very hard as he was doing subcontract work. In 1989, Kazuo falls with a cerebral hemorrhage. After leaving the hospital, He placed a bed next to the cutting machine and worked for 30 minutes, He slept and rested each 30 minutes, He worked on polishing with a precarious left arm with a paralyzed left arm.
 And in 1992. "The world's first pearl with facet" was finally completed. Kazuo and his wife was very surprised to see the glow. Because it is because He have repeatedly studied research on his research with the goal of only cutting, and they did not think about "expression" of the pearl when it was completed. It was mystery. It was an unknown glow. A beautiful pearl layer appears in the surface and overflowing with ornate light. He and his wife named this pearl a "HANASHINJU ".

The beauty of the pearl was recognized in the authentic position of jewelry

 Technology was inherited by his son Kazuhito Komatsu. After birth, HANASHINJU was awarded the "Encouragement Prize for the Jewelry Polishing Stone Creation Design Contest" and "The Good Design Special Award for the Yamanashi", but They knew the difficulty "to spread things not in the world to the world" from here. In the conservative Japanese market "common pearls are round and smooth surface" was common sense. In such a case, the situation changed by showing one piece of HANASHINJU to an American gemologist who came to Japan coincidentally .
 It got a high reputation "This is amazing!", So we decided to sell it in the US right away. Overseas, jewels that have been cut and have sparkling glittering are more valued higher than those that are simply.
 After that, it became gradually recognized in the country, and gradually expanded sales. Also in 1997 it was reported on the world's most prestigious G.I.A (Gemological institute of America) bulletin.
 "HANASHINJU " cutting technology is our patent. It was expected to be expected to sell HANASHINJU , but similar items also began to circulate. But without advanced technical skills, I can not shine that glow. "HANASHINJU is unique thing" in the world market.

To become a true pearl brand

 "Anyway, let's appeal to the world that we are a developer." In that thought, Kazuo Komatsu and family exhibited at Hong Kong Jewelry & Watch Fair, one of the four biggest exhibitions in the world in 2000. Copy products were displayed in shops directly operated by Hong Kong Trade Development Council . HANASHINJU developers are us. Our technique can not be imitated even if it is imitated. That fact and pride turned out to be a strong consciousness and it seemed to bud. Those that had low quality cutting on low quality pearls can not be sold and then disappeared.
 By participating in Hong Kong, they can meet international estate jewelers and designers, especially the Italian jewelry brand "Scavia" is used for many products in HANASHINJU. Currently, We have clients all over the world.

HANASHINJU of black south sea pearl . HANASHINJU , K18 Brooch for Japanese Kimono (left), Gem cutting contest in US  <Gemmys> awarded work · Double refraction cutting (right)

 The technology which was developed by Kazuo Komatsu and was succeeded and developed by Komatsu Kazuhito will blossom. We will also try to evolve the faceting technique so that "faceting into pearls" is not merely a "strange thing". In 2009 American gemstone cutting contest "Gemmys", HANASHINJU shine more "Double refraction cut" and won the first place of cutting category. The fact that the new cut was evaluated was a proof that the HANASHINJU has melted into "rare jewelry" from "just a fantastic jewel". In 2009, His son Kazuhito Komatsu received the Prime Minister's Prize of "Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award".
 It was very difficult to know HANASHINJU that none of us had thought about it all over the world, and there was a hard. Sometimes we felt infringement of many intellectual property rights, and sometimes we thought "We can no longer do the product development". However, we were highly appreciated the people around the world who are serious about manufacturing HANASHINJU.
 Pleasure with HANASHINJU, to make your life glittering

 The story of HANASHIJU continues.