HANASHINJU is based in Kofu, Yamanashi prefecture, famous worldwide as the origin of crystal,
We are developing and manufacturing Komatsu cutting factory co., Ltd.
Our company applied diamond polishing technology directly inherited from German diamond cutter,
We succeeded in facet the pearl for the first time in the world.
Currently, not only Japan but top jewelers all over the world sell "HANASHINJU ".
In addition, HANASHINJU is our patent acquisition product.

名称: Komatsu cutting factory co., Ltd
所在地: 1-11-20 Takara Kofu Yamanashi 400-0034 Japan
TEL 055-224-2518 FAX 055-224-2548
CEO: Kazuhito Komatsu
Founding: 1967
Founder: Kazuo Komatsu

Diamond cutting,The all kinds of gemstone cutting, concave cutting (the originator in the world), HANASHINJU (pearl cutting), ceramic polishing for industry
concave cutting and HANASHINJU are our patented.
Japan, Europe, USA, Middle East, East Asia